thoughts before midnight

and I wonder sometimes
if I am too nice to you
I don’t think you realize
what you have in front of you
all you can see is what is in your head
and I get you
I do
but what about me?
I bend over backwards for you babe
what do you do for me?

you & me

I’m a little messed up
you’re a little messed up
but together,
we’re just right

it’s ecstasy

put your lips on mine
put your tongue on mine
run your fingers through my hair
and your hands down my back
up my legs
let me hear your moans
your heavy breathing
your face pressed against mine
and every inch of my body screams
yearns, begs, pleads
take me
baby, take me

she probably thinks she found a prize

you haven’t learned a thing
I feel bad for her
I wonder if she knows
what you did to me
I wonder what excuses you used
to justify your behavior
I know you haven’t learned from it

you move on to something new
someone new
but do you work on your self
like I work on myself
each and every day
working on the trust
struggling with believing that
not every man will lie to you
not every man will betray you

does she know?
does she care?
do you care?
did you ever?

black lives matter

fuck your hate
your closed up mind
full of bullshit
you spew equality and caring
but how can you care
when you can’t even see
what is happening

I found new magic

there weren’t happy endings anymore
no hopeless romance
no naive love
no relationships destined to be

I had the magic ripped from my soul
and my heart
and mind

then you came along
it wasn’t perfect
we both carried struggles
but we sparked something together
and then

there were new happy endings
and real romance
and deep love
and relationship full of two people
and caring for each other

I remember you all

not everyone who
comes into your life
is supposed to stay in your life
but they were all there
no matter how long
for you to learn from

step up

girl, you’ve been through too much
don’t let yourself think you don’t deserve more

thoughts while in quarantine

you’re not alone
but you miss your life
surrounded by love but
you feel foggy
something is just not right
how do you stop yourself
from falling again
fucking again
into that pit
the one that’s dragged you
so many times

you must remember
you are surrounded by love
just remember
you are surrounded by love
you are not alone