you are all I desire

that look in your eyes
my lips on yours
your breath warm on my skin
my tongue all over you
my moans
your moans
I can’t get enough of this feeling

history teaches me

I can see now
why those past relationships
didn’t work
you can love someone
but not be right for them
someone can love you
but not be right for you


thank you for opening up
being vulnerable
trusting me deeply
loving all the parts of my
sharp and jagged heart

two years later

there are still moments
when I feel like I am not enough
where the fear that I will be abandoned
and betrayed
pulses inside my mind
eats away at my soul
like one day you will wake up
and just be done with me
all the passion gone
all the desire lost
as if our love never existed

sometimes I don’t know how to silence the fear


I am grateful for your presence in my life.
You have brought hope, light, and love into my heart.