thank you for opening up
being vulnerable
trusting me deeply
loving all the parts of my
sharp and jagged heart

two years later

there are still moments
when I feel like I am not enough
where the fear that I will be abandoned
and betrayed
pulses inside my mind
eats away at my soul
like one day you will wake up
and just be done with me
all the passion gone
all the desire lost
as if our love never existed

sometimes I don’t know how to silence the fear


I am grateful for your presence in my life.
You have brought hope, light, and love into my heart.


We were strangers when we met. Two people swiping. Hoping maybe for some kind of connection. When I saw you and sat down with you, it felt comfortable. First dates are always a little nerve wracking, but the more we talked, the more at ease I felt. It was like I’d known you for a while. You were authentic and real. You were kind and soft. After that first kiss, I knew I was basically yours.

and still they made you leave

you spent a lifetime loving
someone who didn’t care enough
to end things with respect
that kind of behavior fucks you up
you almost believe it was your fault
like you deserved it
like all that history wasn’t worth
a decent ending

don’t forget yourself

and I have learned to bottle up
giving too much
not knowing that I am close
to a breaking point
I love much
and hard
give with every inch of my soul
that sometimes I forget
about me