it’s ecstasy

put your lips on mine
put your tongue on mine
run your fingers through my hair
and your hands down my back
up my legs
let me hear your moans
your heavy breathing
your face pressed against mine
and every inch of my body screams
yearns, begs, pleads
take me
baby, take me

she probably thinks she found a prize

you haven’t learned a thing
I feel bad for her
I wonder if she knows
what you did to me
I wonder what excuses you used
to justify your behavior
I know you haven’t learned from it

you move on to something new
someone new
but do you work on your self
like I work on myself
each and every day
working on the trust
struggling with believing that
not every man will lie to you
not every man will betray you

does she know?
does she care?
do you care?
did you ever?