my wound

my mind feels fuzzy tonight
my heart a little tired
I didn’t sign up for this life
it’s just what I was given
in his little face is yours
and there are times it
breaks my heart
all over again
an open wound always left
slightly bleeding
because I will never be
rid of you
you will always be
a part of him
of me
even though you
deserve to be

not just fucking

all these men
they want hard, rough sex
they want to spank you
and bite you
and grab your hair
and choke you

just once
show me a man
who will hold you
caress your skin softly
kiss you slowly
go down on you gently

a man with patience
and kindness
concerned with your desire
and pleasure

modern men

Men will rationalize how they treat you. They will talk about standards that are higher than they actually hold themselves to. They will talk about respect, but then disrespect you in the worst possible ways. They cheat on you, they use you, they ghost you, and they will continue to do so until you stop allowing yourself to be treated this away and take your power back. You don’t need to be afraid like these cowardly men. Show them how bright your light shines. Delete them, block them, and walk your fine ass out that door.

the inbetween

I don’t want
to share a home
a ring
to just fuck
one night

I want
to run my fingers through someone’s hair
to tell someone about my day
good morning and good night texts
wine and laughing and singing

I don’t want
endless small talk
breadcrumbs and ghosting

I just want
my person


of all the things you took from me
I miss my naivety the most

I no longer believe in soulmates
no one person for you
for me
for anyone

love is not innocent anymore
it hurts
it breaks
it betrays

I no longer blindly trust
why should I
when the one person I could count on
lied straight to my face
every day
for months

the hopeless romantic in me
is long gone now
and all that’s left is just

thank you, next

even strong women
sometimes need
the wrong men
to learn things from
sometimes the best way
to know what you need
is by discovering the things
you thought you wanted
but really didn’t

the weight

I have lost 35 pounds
but I still feel heavy
the tag reads two sizes smaller
but in the mirror I still see
the same fat girl
but I’m alone now
carrying all this weight
of my body
of my choices
of everything really

I have lost 35 pounds
but it feels like I’m carrying around
so much more