I have cried
I have hurt
I have felt the deepness, the darkness, the sadness
of your lies
your betrayal

but you cannot break me
you cannot change me
you will not take me

I am here
she is here
she always was
she never left
she may have been hiding
but she is here

and there is lightness
and hope
and love
and more
so much more

what you didn’t know
what I didn’t know
she knew

she knew.


there was a time
my heart beat so hard
I thought it would explode

there was a moment
I cried so hard
ugly cried so hard
I thought maybe you had broken me

(nobody can break me)

out of the mess
out of the rubble
out of the fucked up-ness of your betrayal

I found something better

(nobody can break me)

I pulled myself up
I pulled myself out
I dusted myself off

(nobody can break me)

I moved on
I let go
I became something better

Nobody. Can. Break. Me.