and suddenly I pause
my heart tightens
weights on my shoulders
do I feel too much
love too much
give too much
usually the words are right there
spilling out like water
but I can’t speak
my throat closing in
my whole body tensing
I want to understand
but you have to also understand me
feel me
see me

you & me

my heart is full tonight
my mind is calm
what kind of magic happened to
bring us together
a kind of sweet and perfect timing
I could spend hours talking to you
and lying next to you
and taking you
so deeply
into every part
every inch
of me

you got me

you got me listening to
sappy sweet love songs and
daydreaming all the time
about you and
me and
us and
all the things that could be

you got my heart beating
faster and
my mind feeling calmer
I feel a stillness when I’m with you but
how can time stop and
go so quickly when you’re near

you got these walls
crumbling and
hope growing and
romance seeping back into
inch of me