I found new magic

there weren’t happy endings anymore
no hopeless romance
no naive love
no relationships destined to be

I had the magic ripped from my soul
and my heart
and mind

then you came along
it wasn’t perfect
we both carried struggles
but we sparked something together
and then

there were new happy endings
and real romance
and deep love
and relationship full of two people
and caring for each other

thoughts while in quarantine

you’re not alone
but you miss your life
surrounded by love but
you feel foggy
something is just not right
how do you stop yourself
from falling again
fucking again
into that pit
the one that’s dragged you
so many times

you must remember
you are surrounded by love
just remember
you are surrounded by love
you are not alone

it’s what love is

I know we’re different
you don’t understand me sometimes
I don’t understand you sometimes
but I know I care for you
I know I want the best for you
I know holding your hand
makes me feel better
and I know being wrapped in your arms
is some kind of magic