quiet moments

hand running down my back
fingers brushing the hair out of my face
a kiss on the top of my head
legs entwined
just the sound of our breathing

poetry helped bring me back
each word breathing life back into my heart
into my soul
from that dark room at midnight
alone with nothing but my hurt
to the bright room at sunrise
together with you bathed in morning light
it helped me heal
it helps me grow
these poems
my salvation

covered in my sweet red wine
entangled in your web

a stranger in the mirror

in the mirror
I see your face
yet strange
I don’t know you
maybe I never did
a lifetime connected
but never connecting
will it all be something
I later regret?

more fucking bull shit

another betrayal
but this one you saw coming
still the same lies and bull shit
but from a different angle
how can a person treat another this way?
how can a person control another
all the while living a secret
double life?

you will feel trust again
you will feel love again
I promise myself this