the things I can show you

you make me feel wanted
and secure

your touch brings me comfort
your voice gives me strength

I am grateful for your patience
and honesty

let me make you feel
like no one ever has before

so are you

he sees right through to the very depths
of my heart
and my soul

he lifts me up
encourages more
hears what I say
reads what I write
then tells me


I did it for me

I gave you everything
when you should have been the one
to lay it all down for me
I paved the road for your ease
waited for any little sign
I could mistake for change

but I wised up

where did that strength come from?
this new path I created for myself
from your ruins
I never wavered
I never faltered
I persisted on
and on
and on

because it’s the bigger picture
short-term suffering
or long-term suffering

I chose a lifetime of real love

my name

when it slips off your tongue
it shoots lightning through my body
makes my knees go weak
and my heart race

will you say it once more?

quiet moments

hand running down my back
fingers brushing the hair out of my face
a kiss on the top of my head
legs entwined
just the sound of our breathing

poetry helped bring me back
each word breathing life back into my heart
into my soul
from that dark room at midnight
alone with nothing but my hurt
to the bright room at sunrise
together with you bathed in morning light
it helped me heal
it helps me grow
these poems
my salvation

covered in my sweet red wine
entangled in your web