I don’t want to be a mess anymore,
but I don’t know how.

why you shouldn’t love me

I am no good for you, babe
I cannot see passed my past
distrust consumes my mind
constant worry flows through my blood
I hate to say he broke me, but
he broke me, babe
I don’t know if I can ever trust again

just one of my demons

haunted by a living ghost
a rotten soul who
finds ways to keep dragging me
back down into the pit
dirtied and tired
of all the bullshit
his lies and omissions
have nearly broken me

fuck you & your lies

my babies
my loves
the other halves of my heart
how could you lie
with such a straight face
how could you pretend to play family
with another woman and
my children
I hope karma gives you
what you deserve

it happens to all of us

your heart will break
you will cry and
mourn and
you could have done

but you will pick yourself up
go on with your days
the hurt will
your heart will mend

you have been through
so much already
look at the storms
you have weathered
the shit you have cleaned up
you’ve come out
you are unstoppable