How do you measure a year?

It’s been nearly a year now
10.5 months
45 weeks
317 days
7,608 hours
456,480 minutes
since I found out my marriage was a sham

What have I been doing this whole time?
Have I not been working on myself?
Have I not cried?
Have I not screamed?
Have I not hidden in dark rooms and under blankets?
Have I not found written word again?
Have I not sought help from a therapist?
Have I not continued to raise my children,
and maintained a home,
and worked a fabulous job?
Have I not been doing things I love?
Have I not been experiencing new things?

Why do some still see me as broken?
Because sometimes I have trust issues?
That does not make me a project in need of repair.
I am strong.
I am smart.
I am loving.
I am beautiful.
I am so much more than words can express.
You may not see what I see
or feel what I feel,
but hear me:

I am doing just fine.

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