the avoidant

is this what brings it back?
you make up stories
in your mind
from one unbearable feeling
to another
what if?
but, girl, you knew this was coming

in my bed

i run my fingers across his chest,
we lie there nearly bare
wearing only each other and
our love

i see the way he looks at me,
i am a goddess
a princess
an enchanting mermaid in the deep-
i am what the men want,
i, am what he

we flirt strategically
like this is a game we have become
at playing,
i say what i know excites him
he says what he knows will drive me

we kiss and tongue,
making love
until our steady pulsing
[pulse, pulse, pulsing]
makes the sweat
upon his brow
thicken and
he lets himself give in,
his body shuddering
and buttocks tightening,
our fingers tightly

and sigh,

we lie there nearly bare
wearing only each other and
a smile

—Septemer 24, 2002

where the fuck did you come from?

strip down
bare down
the deepest parts of me
the most vulnerable
tongues twirling
tired and sweating
the most sensitive
your fingers wrapped around mine
my head on your shoulder
oh, my.

not true love
not soul mates
I don’t believe in things like that anymore
but maybe one day someone
will see me and love me
and I will feel like all of this
was worth it

sometimes the words just don’t come
sometimes what does is a little bit of peace