Random Thoughts on Hair

I went to the salon last week to get my hair done. It had been a while. I had a good two inches of roots showing and my hair was the longest it’s ever been. I had my hair dyed and chopped a good amount of length off. I felt like a whole new person afterward. It got me thinking how women’s identities rely heavily on their hair.

For years and years and years, I had the same a-line bob. Sometimes it’d be a little shorter. Sometimes a little longer. But, it was always pretty much the same. When I found out my ex-husband had been cheating on me, I happened to have a hair appointment a few days later. When I went in, I wanted to change my whole look. I was going through something terrible and I didn’t feel like myself. I needed to look different. That’s when highlights, bangs, and a different cut came in.

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