Your heart was meant to find mine.
Together we will start a new lifetime
in this little house I made a home.


Some days you will feel inadequate.
You will question whether you are good enough.
You will lack confidence.
You will wonder how you are supposed to
raise two little boys into two amazing men.
You will feel the weight pressed on your shoulders.
You will doubt your abilities.
But, know this.
It will pass.
Every mom questions her sanity.
But, you got this.
Momma, you got this.

You See Me

You told me once you couldn’t read people’s expressions, but you’ve somehow managed to learn mine.

So my heart stopped and I nervously laughed

I thought about all the ways
things could change when I finally
told you I loved you.

I thought about all the ways
things could change when you finally
met my children.

But, I never once thought about the ways
things could change if
they said they loved you.

Maybe I do want that Prince sometimes

I want someone who will
put me first sometimes.
I pour all of my heart into everyone else.
I lose myself often.

Just show me love
with your hands
and your time.
Make me feel like there is nothing
else in this world but me.
I want to hear all the ways
I am amazing.
I want to be showered
with affection.

But I give too much,
take too little,
and I don’t know how to stop.