Loyalty is a verb. Love is a verb. I can’t remember where I heard that, but it’s true. My heart is so full right now. It is crazy to think it has been two years since I started a new life all on my own. If you would have asked me then where I saw myself in the future, I’m not sure it would be here. I was so jaded and blinded by betrayal. I found parts of myself that had been missing for years, but also lost parts of me that had been there all along. I feel like I have been blessed with a real partner. Someone who appreciates the things I do. Someone who adores my body. Someone who can communicate at a high level. Someone who doesn’t shut down and bottle things up. I have found a man who sees me and loves me for exactly who I am. I am grateful for him and this new life I never expected.

So my heart stopped and I nervously laughed

I thought about all the ways
things could change when I finally
told you I loved you.

I thought about all the ways
things could change when you finally
met my children.

But, I never once thought about the ways
things could change if
they said they loved you.

Maybe I do want that Prince sometimes

I want someone who will
put me first sometimes.
I pour all of my heart into everyone else.
I lose myself often.

Just show me love
with your hands
and your time.
Make me feel like there is nothing
else in this world but me.
I want to hear all the ways
I am amazing.
I want to be showered
with affection.

But I give too much,
take too little,
and I don’t know how to stop.

you are all I desire

that look in your eyes
my lips on yours
your breath warm on my skin
my tongue all over you
my moans
your moans
I can’t get enough of this feeling

history teaches me

I can see now
why those past relationships
didn’t work
you can love someone
but not be right for them
someone can love you
but not be right for you